Working responsibly


Our people are the key to our success and their well-being, safety and security are core values underpinning how we do business.  

Our culture promotes honesty and openness, health, safety, inclusion, well-being and security to help create a professional, talented, diverse and engaged workforce. We have an excellent safety record that we are determined to maintain as we continue to develop our operations. 

read more about our People focus in our Sustainability report


Our key people objectives are: 

  • Maintain our licence to operate, and 
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment. 

We have identified five material issues that direct our focus within this area.

Workplace Safety & Security

Ensuring a safe and risk-free working environment is an absolute priority. There is a focus on the competency of our employees and contractors, supported by leadership audits, site visits, project performance reviews and active engagement with contractors, while our HSSE team continue to reinforce the safety message and ensure we have the correct safety processes in place. We also employ an ongoing process of assessments to ensure the security of our people and assets, and have clear guidelines and practices to manage health risk and exposure to hazardous materials.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We nurture a diverse and inclusive culture within which everyone can contribute and thrive knowing that their individual differences and values are encouraged, respected and appreciated. Our Group People Management Policy guides us in embedding D&I within the Company, and our D&I working group has helped us identify and prioritise a number of key initiatives and programmes.

Health & Well-Being

We continue to provide a number of benefits and programmes to support our workforce with both work and non-related issues that may be impacting their lives. This includes the opportunity to raise any concerns clearly in a supporting environment. Employee engagement, such as through our Employee Voice Forum aims to create a positive and collaborative environment that will allow employees to fulfil their potential.

Talent Management

In today’s increasingly competitive employment market, we recognise that attracting and growing the right talent and skills are critical to our continued success. We aim to understand and manage our talent, especially those wanting to progress to leadership roles, while our recruitment focus is directed to attracting excellent people from all of our communities. Throughout, we aim to utilise an individual’s skills and experience to deliver business value while providing job satisfaction and career development opportunities. 

Learning & Development

Optimised learning opportunities for our people help us operate to the highest standard and means our business can be more efficient, effective and successful. We invest in developing our people to help them fulfil their potential, deliver our objectives and meet the changing demands of our industry. Our Capricorn Learning Academy is a key tool to delivering that ambition, and it provides training portals and a training budget for our employees to support their career development.

More detailed information can be found on all of our material issues in our Sustainability Report.

Case study

Safety and security in Egypt

A key challenge of 2022 was to plan and execute the safety and security aspects of onshore seismic operations in Egypt. Egypt is a new territory for us and we deployed a well-qualified team with a highly experienced HSE manager who has a particular focus on culture to help us understand the regulatory and cultural environment in which we were operating.

The Capricorn explorations blocks in Egypt are located in the Western Desert. The SEH concession was an El Alamein stronghold in World War ll, so there were many mines that need to be identified and cleared before we could begin our operations. We worked with the Egyptian military to carry this out and the task was made even more challenging as a result of a shortage of resources due to the building of a new city nearby that also required mine-clearance. We have bolstered our HSE team in Egypt to work with the seismic contractors with local recruits whom we have fully inducted into the Capricorn safety culture and empowered to be ambassadors for it within Egypt. 


Case study

Competency management in action

Our off-shore exploration well into Diadem earlier in the year highlights our competency management process in action. All Capricorn people taken on board to work on this project had to go through a competency management questionnaire, after which the results were discussed with the key subject matter experts across the business. Specific training programmes and knowledge requirements could then be advised and actioned to ensure the people with the right skills were in place.

Meanwhile, competency reports and matrices are required from all contractors about their employees working on our behalf. This ensures they are sufficiently qualified for their assigned roles. The competency management review could spot whether someone’s survival training or other core competency skill would expire while they were on board, ensuring refresher courses could take place for the relevant people before the operations began.

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