Hoax offers of employment

Be aware of fraudulent offers of employment.

We are aware that emails are circulating containing offers of employment that look like they originate from our Company. Although these offers look to be genuine they are fraudulent hoax offers. It would appear the hoax is intended to defraud recipients of their personal information and / or money. Please see below for detailed below information to help you identify a fraudulent offer of employment.
The points below may help you to identify if you have received a fraudulent offer of employment.

This is the first time that you have received correspondence from us

  • You have not applied for a vacancy at the Company
  • You have not attended an interview at the Company or with one of our people
  • You have been asked to supply your personal details or perhaps complete a form
  • You have been asked to send a payment to secure the offer of employment
  • The email address of the sender does not end with “

If you have been the victim of fraudulent communications, please report the incident to the police or to ‘Action Fraud’, the UK’s national fraud reporting centre at

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