Corporate governance

The Board recognises that its primary purpose is to promote the long-term sustainable success of the Company, generating value for shareholders and other stakeholders and contributing to wider society. In this context, the Board has clearly articulated the Company’s purpose, values and strategy (as set out in the Strategic Report section of the Annual Report 2020) and each of our Directors plays a critical role in ensuring that our culture is aligned with these elements.

Our Board sets the ‘tone from the top’ by acting with integrity at all times and leading by example to promote our culture of ‘working responsibly’ across the business. Our culture promotes honesty and openness in everything we do and we pursue a deep understanding at every level of our organisation of the core set of values which underpin how we do business and the behaviours expected of our people. During the year, the Board continued to focus on Corporate Responsibility and ESG-related matters as part of the Company’s commitment to ‘working responsibly’. 

Nicoletta Giadrossi
08 March 2021 

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