About us

Our business model

We are an oil and gas company focused on driving down emissions in our operations. Our business model is to hold assets within the oil and gas life cycle in order to create, add and deliver value for stakeholders. The cash flow from production assets funds exploration, appraisal and development activity. Assets can be monetised at different stages of hydrocarbon exploration, development and production in order to optimise the portfolio and create the opportunity for further cash returns to shareholders.

Our expertise and agility

We have the ability to move quickly and responsibly to pursue opportunities, underpinned at all times by our financial flexibility. We see and realise value where others may not.

Our experience

With more than 30 years’ experience as an operator and partner at all stages of the upstream oil and gas life cycle, we have successfully discovered and developed oil and gas reserves in a number of international locations in partnership with host governments.

Our responsible approach

We commit to working responsibly across all our activities. This means working in a safe, secure, environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Our strengths and capabilities
#1 Agile portfolio management

Capricorn has consistently managed its portfolio to enter or remain in assets with exploration and production growth and exit assets at an opportune time and at attractive prices or where allocated capital is no longer justified to provide the targeted returns.

We have executed our strategic choices both in the exploration arena and also the production arena. During 2021, we returned capital following the sale of our interest in the Sangomar project in Senegal, whilst also exiting the Kraken and Catcher assets, where production decline had occurred. We retain exposure to both reservoir out-performance and oil price through an uncapped earn-out provision in these North Sea producing assets.

#2 Collaborative partnerships

We work in joint ventures across the E&P spectrum, partnering with companies that share our values and vision. In 2021, we entered Egypt in partnership with Cheiron, a private Egyptian company, and together acquired the BADR Petroleum Company (Bapetco) Western Desert assets from Shell. This provides Capricorn with owned infrastructure including export pipelines and substantial reserves, existing production and exploration potential. We aim to invest to grow production, reserves and new resources, working closely with host governments and state oil companies, which are also key partners.

We have deep experience of working in collaborative partnerships, both as operator and as non-operator and are looking to add partners to our joint ventures in Mauritania and Suriname.

#3 Exploration and production expertise and experience

Capricorn has the skills and capabilities within the organisation to deploy across the full E&P asset life cycle. The exploration portfolio is continuously high-graded to ensure we are focused on our ‘advantaged resources’ exploration criteria: rapid pace from discovery to production, a clear alignment to ESG priorities, flexible commitments which can allow us to react to market dynamics, and resources that can be discovered, developed and produced competitively in a lower oil demand future. The same applies in the production arena, where we focus on delivering cash-generative production growth with low operating costs and lower emissions, and adding reserves cost effectively through developments, improved reservoir management and new well drilling and completion.

Our people provide the necessary expertise and resources to deliver the work programmes agreed within our joint ventures, and to operate successfully across the oil and gas life cycle. Over the last decade, the Company has operated multiple 2D & 3D seismic and geotechnical surveys, drilled over 20 exploration and appraisal wells onshore and in mid- and deepwater settings and has successfully participated in development planning to take five major projects to development phase, converting over three quarters of a billion barrels to reserves (gross, 100% basis). Through these projects, our subsurface, engineering, HSSE, commercial & legal and financial teams have worked together and further developed their skillsets and capabilities for future application. Since 2017, we have delivered production within market guidance for four consecutive years.

#4 Responsible culture

Our established, highly experienced and respected leadership team is committed to working responsibly to deliver the Company’s strategy. We never compromise our Operating Standards. Our focus on delivering value in a safe, secure and environmentally and socially responsible manner is a key strategic objective, measured through our key performance indicators. Contractors and suppliers are required to work to the same high standards as our employees, adhering to our Core Values of Building Respect, Acting Responsibly and Nurturing Relationships.

Creating value responsibly for stakeholders

We are committed to making a positive contribution, wherever we operate, by delivering tangible benefits to our stakeholders. This includes the value distributed through salaries, taxes, payments to authorities, contractors and suppliers, capital spending and social investment.


Investors: Oil and gas sales revenue


Employees: Employee salaries and benefits


Business partners and suppliers: Payments for capital expenditure


Governments and regulators: Payments to governments


Local Community/ Interest Groups: Social investment